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Inspire and Invigorate

At Lindblad Expeditions, they believe that exploring nature can lead to some of the most inspirational, reflective and rejuvenating moments you can ever have – on your own or with loved ones, family, or friends.

Experience shows that guests prefer flexibility when choosing the way they rest and rejuvenate in the wildest, most remote places on earth. Whether it's on one of the Alaska cruises or Galapagos cruises, some prefer to kayak or hike tranquilly, while others would rather challenge themselves to go longer distances, or dare to try new activities like snorkeling or diving. Still others would prefer to connect with their surroundings through a variety of wellness treatments inspired by the natural world.

To that end, Lindblad offers up a variety of options to help you tap into your own notion of wellness, in whatever way you choose. Whether you join yoga and Pilates inspired movement sessions, pay attention to nutrition, or pursue relaxation, staff will provide guidance and expertise that helps you experience wellness, and wonder, at your pace.

Expedition Team

"The best Expedition Staff in the industry. Period. "And it’s not just us saying it. The comment cards that we collect from our guests after each expedition consistently express the same message: “the expedition staff made the trip.” Our Expedition Leaders, outstanding Naturalists, Marine Biologists, Photographers and Undersea Specialists collectively have thousands of years of experience guiding travelers to the most interesting places in the world. They are the ones who write the books, they are the locals; they are the experts that knowledgeable explorers want to travel with again and again. They are the best in their fields. Read more and see why our staff inspires such passion.


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