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Chuuk (Truk) Islands

Chuuk is one of four island states which comprise the Federated States of Micronesia. Beneath the blue waters is a submerged museum of World War 2 wrecks, for there are more than 60 ships of the Japanese wartime fleet encrusted with corals lying at various depths. The lagoon has been declared a monument. Chuuk is one of two top scuba diving locations in the world. Weno has the best views of the lagoon and its sheltered waters. Chuuk's State Centre on Weno is where visitors can experience a taste of island life by visiting the local stores jammed with everything from kerosene stoves to ladies wear and handicraft. Climb into the old light house built during the Japanese occupation and visit the Blue Lagoon Resort for a stroll in the coconut palm grounds with splendid views across the water to Dublon Island formerly the Japanese Military Headquarters. On Sapoli, overgrown vegetation partly conceals the remains a city, while at Fefan, craftsman carve Chuukese lovesticks - exotic souvenirs.

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