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Kolonia, Pohnpei Island

Pohnpei State incorporates Pohnpei Island, a large volcanic island with eight atolls totaling 133 square miles, 25 smaller islands within a barrier reef, and 137 widely-scattered coral atolls. Pohnpei island is the largest in the FSM, and has a road around the island extending 49 miles. Pohnpei lies 7° north of the equator, 1,050 miles southeast of Guam and 3,240 miles southwest of Honolulu. Its population is estimated at 35,000. Normal daytime temperature is 80° F. Most of Pohnpei's shoreline is covered by mangrove swamps. However, artificial beaches have been created and the nearby reef islands have beautiful beaches. Rugged mountain terrain covered with luxuriant forest dominates the interior of the island. The island's highest point, Mt. Nahna Laud, is 798 meters high and is thought to be one of the wettest spots in the world with an average annual rainfall in excess of 400 inches. Pohnpei has many freshwater streams, many of which contain spectacular waterfalls with large swimming ponds at their bases. Pohnpei's main island is divided into the six municipalities of Madolehnimw, U, Kitti, Nett, Sokehs, and the town of Kolonia, which is the island's commercial center and the state capital. The FSM National Government headquarters are located some 5 km from Kolonia in Palikir.

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